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Welcome to the platform that will revolutionize the organization of live events, streamlining and optimizing every aspect of your work!

Hiwo Events

Hiwo Events, the ultimate evolution that combines all the powerful features of Hiwo Pro and Hiwo Base, simultaneously introducing an exciting range of new features to further enhance your experience!

Hiwo Events: Where Work Becomes a Show

Big News!

Welcome to the new version of our main news feed! We are excited to introduce you to some exceptional features that will make your experience even richer and more personalized. Our feed will not only keep you updated on the latest news but will also include targeted advertising to provide you with more relevant promotional content. You will have access to job postings selected based on your interests and skills, offering tailor-made career opportunities. Highlighted productions will provide you with an in-depth look at projects, innovations, and relevant events, while rental requests will connect you with personalized rental opportunities. We are confident that this new version will make your news feed a comprehensive and highly personalized experience. Happy reading!


Our latest calendar version is a true revolution in time management! In addition to the flawless display of confirmed productions, you can now customize your schedule by adding break periods and pre-planned commitments outside the platform. No more overlapping commitments or moments of chaos! With our new feature, managing your time becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus fully on what matters most to you. Take control of your time with our advanced customizable agenda!


We revolutionize the concept of user profiles with our latest version, turning the experience into more than just a simple list of skills! Now, you can make your profile an almost social experience, enriching it with photos that tell your professional and personal story. Images of significant moments, exciting projects, or even behind-the-scenes snapshots - breathe life into your journey in a visual and engaging way.

Company profile

The agency-dedicated profile provides a wide range of promotion and multimedia content features to enhance online visibility. With advanced tools for creating and sharing engaging content, agencies can dynamically showcase their offerings. The solution also includes targeted promotion features and detailed analytics to foster growth and success in the market.

Work with Passion, Find Your Events on Hiwo

Hiwo is the platform that opens the doors to a world of exciting opportunities in the events industry. With its innovative features, Hiwo helps you discover new opportunities efficiently and personalized to your needs

User profile

Presenting the new user profile, a comprehensive experience that transforms your presence on the platform into an impeccable digital resume! Now you can enrich your profile with tailored details, including not only your professional and educational experiences but also significant projects, specialized skills, and accolades. Add a personal touch with a dedicated section for interests and passions, showcasing your authentic self to other users.

Our platform provides you with the option to upload documents such as certificates, publications, and portfolios, bringing your professional journey to life in a visual and comprehensive manner. With an intuitive and user-friendly design, creating your digital resume is a breeze.

Whether you're an established professional or an emerging talent, the new user profile is your digital showcase to highlight your skills and explore new opportunities. Don't limit yourself to the past; build your future with a user profile that truly speaks to who you are!

Discover a new social era!

The post section allows you to express yourself more personally, sharing significant moments, reflections, or even multimedia content. You can interact with other users through likes, creating a dynamic and engaging community.
Contact profile

The "Contact" section provides essential information such as email address, phone number, and other communication methods to connect users with a professional. It may also include an online contact form to facilitate direct communication.


A unique memory from a live event that has shaped my identity. Sharing profound emotions, intense moments, and the strength that only certain events can impart.


The "Skills" section within the app serves as a platform for users to highlight and display all their unique superpowers or distinctive abilities. Here, individuals can curate a comprehensive list of the skills that set them apart. This feature enables a dynamic representation of one's unique strengths, fostering a richer understanding of each user's diverse skill set within the app community.

Hiwo Events: Your showcase of talents, where ideas become a spectacle!


We are excited to introduce a powerful new feature in the latest version: "Workgroups." This innovative functionality has been designed to optimize collaboration and production creation, allowing users to organize and manage resources more efficiently.

With Workgroups, you can create dedicated teams for specific projects, enabling more direct communication and seamless resource sharing.

With Workgroups, your experience in creation and collaboration will reach a new level of efficiency, opening doors to a smoother and well-organized workflow. We are eager to see how this powerful feature will contribute to the success of your productions. Welcome to a smarter and more collaborative way of working!

Game-changing notifications

Discover the Unlimited Power of the New Notification Center!

We are excited to introduce our brand-new Notification Center, a powerful alert platform designed to optimize your engagement and enhance your work. This advanced notification center will be your loyal companion, keeping you promptly informed about a wide range of events relevant to your experience.

You will receive immediate alerts about the launch of new productions, be promptly notified when new rental opportunities arise, ensuring you the chance to explore and seize proposals that fit your needs. Additionally, every time targeted changes are made to optimize your workflow or introduce significant improvements, the Notification Center will promptly notify you, allowing you to adapt quickly to positive changes.

In the new version, we have implemented a personalized notification feature to inform you immediately when you are added to a workgroup. This instant notification mechanism will keep you aware of new collaborations, enabling you to actively participate in projects without wasting time.

Once you've been added to a group, you'll receive a notification on your profile or through the app's notification channel, informing you of the invitation and providing all the necessary information to start contributing to the project. This feature aims to ensure clear and timely communication, keeping you constantly connected and involved in group activities.


Thank you for dedicating your precious time to reading this site. Keep following us to stay updated on our ideas, and feel free to share them with anyone who might find inspiration in them.

Hiwo News

Hiwo Event la versione 3.0 completamente aggiornata e piena di novità è disponibile dal 30 aprile 2024

Da gennaio 2022 Hiwo sarà operativa al 100%, non perdere altro tempo. Inizia subito ad utilizzare la nuova piattaforma per proporre o cercare lavoro nel mondo degli eventi

Da settembre 2021 è attiva la push notification per ogni nuova produzione.

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